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Kids R Here!

The kidding season has officially begun at Pawsitive Plantation Pygoras. At dinnertime last night Bella, our Pygmy mama bred to our Pygora buck (kids will be Pygora), went into labor and immediatly was in trouble. A perfect presentation at birth is the head and front feet delivering at the same time. There was a head but no feet. I (Kim) tried to push the kid back in and feel for the legs but couldn't find any. Bella was in real trouble. The vets weren't able to come out right away but could meet us at the clinic so we packed Bella into the truck and off we went to the vet's.

The vet and his assistant had a hard time delivering the kids as well. Apparently the kids had their legs all tangled up. Finally we had 2 large, very lively female kids (doelings) but Bella wasn't doing well. Her uterus was torn so off to surgery she went.

Bella made it thru the night! Her color is good, she's eating and drinking. Most importantly for the kids she is nursing. She's not out of the woods yet as there is still a chance of bleeding and infection but now her odds are looking better.

Will post pictures soon.

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