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Kid Waiting List & Deposits

Kid Waiting List, Deposits & Transportation

There is no charge to place your name on our kid waiting list, but if you want to have the first pick of available kids then there is a $100 deposit. Order on the list to chose your kid is determined by when you sign up. The deposit is non-refundable ( if the kid doesn't pass the health exam, if we don't have enough kids, or we don't have what you requested, then the $100 deposit is refunded.) 100% of your deposit will go towards the purchase price.

When the kids are born we will put their photos on the website. We are no longer dis-budding kids (because of their welfare) so they will have horns. Some of the kids will be for sale and some will be retained for the farm. I'll send out an e-mail about the births first to those that have made a kid deposit, then to the rest on the waiting list. Those that have made a deposit will get first picks according to the order they were received. We try to make our decisions as quickly as possible as to which kids will be available. Once you've made a choice then another payment of $100 will be due and your kid will be "Pending Sale". Any balance will be due in cash at pick up.

All kids will be tagged/tattoo, wormed, vaccinated and males castrated (unless buck is requested). Kids will be weaned between 10-12 weeks. After this time they can leave for their new homes. If kids are moving out of Ga, then they will need health certificates within 30 days of their departure paid by buyer. Kids will be sent home with some feed and all necessary paperwork inc. PBA pre-registration.

Bucklings and doelings are $500 each.

Wethers (castrated bucklings) are $250 each.

Adults are variable prices. Adult deposits are 50% of the price and must be picked up within 30 days.

Transportation is available in the Southeast. Price is determined by distance and how many goats are on the transport.

If interested please e-mail: with the following information:

Your name, address, phone & e-mail

What you are interested in : female, male, or wether (castrated male)?

What you want them for ex: breeding, spinning, pets, etc?

If you have a color preference?        

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