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"Pawsitive Plantation has been dedicated to producing the finest fibers for over 20 yrs.

It all started with one little English Angora rabbit acquired at the NY Sheep & Wool festival. Eventually after a friend got tired of spinning the fiber for me she convinced me to get my own wheel. With some help from a good friend I dove into the fiber world feet first. Never telling me that one fiber was harder to spin than another, she had me try spinning angora to silk and beyond. After the first couple lessons, spinning came naturally to me so competing at various fiber festivals came next. I've won numerous awards for spinning at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival, Maryland Sheep & Wool, Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival, GA State Fair and the Ulster County, NY Fair. My husband saw that a neighbor had some wool for sale and the next thing we knew we were bringing home 2 sheep as well. That was the start of raising our award winning Border Leicester & Finn sheep, Angora goats, English Angora rabbits and Jersey Woolie rabbits with our girls in 4-H. Eventually we moved from the Catskills of NY to the NW GA mountains bringing our whole farm with us. 45 animals in all. Getting use to the hot, humid climate of GA meant finding breeds that could adapt too. We have settled on the wonderful charismatic Pygora goat. Their small size make it easy for me to handle on my own now that my girl's are grown and left home. Their fiber is a dream come true. All hand spun yarn is done on either an antique Canadian production wheel, late 1800's, or my workhorse a Dutch Louet wheel. Woven items are done on an antique 4 harness table loom or a "Cricket" rigid heddle loom.

I owe this wonderful, fulfilling life to my husband who has never stopped supporting me; to my daughters and grandchildren that are my inspiration; to my mother that encouraged me to follow my dreams; to Debbie that spun those first yarns for me; to Merry who I will always be grateful to for starting me on this path and to the Lord for making all this possible. ..........Kim"

Kim is the shepherdess, spinner, weaver, knitter, teacher, and head barn worker.

Gary is the chief barn worker, repairman, assistant shepherd, and provider that keeps things running smoothly

Nala is our livestock/farm guardian dog in training. She is a Great Pyrenees. What a wonderful, loyal breed!

No farm is complete without the required mousers. Meet Black Jack, Sissy and Brother behind her. Sissy has also taken on the job of goat groomer. She will kneed and rub their coats, much to the delight of the goats.

RIP, we miss you, Black Jack

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