Pawsitive Plantation Pygoras

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On July 5, 2017 our farm was hit by a devastating storm. By God's grace ourselves and all our animals escaped with no harm but the farm has suffered tremendous damage. Over the coming weeks Pawsitive Plantation Pygoras will be posting some Pygoras for sale at reduced prices. Now is the time to purchase your PBA quality Pygora!

All of our goat's fiber is tested by Yocum McColl testing labs. The resulting micron count assures you of the quality of the fiber produced by our PBA registered herd.

Pawsitive Plantation Pygoras is on a 100 yr old Georgia Antebellum Plantation located on the Chattooga River in the northwest Georgia mountains. Here the luxurious Pygora fleece is hand spun into luxurious yarns & unique items. Pygoras are a rare breed of goat that originally was bred from crossing an Angora goat with a Pygmy. This produced a small, friendly goat with fiber that ranges from mohair to cashmere. Their fiber stays wonderfully soft throughout the life of the goat and comes in an assortment of colors. Perfect for the hand spinner.

Pawsitive Plantation in the winter.
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Available to purchase is fiber, yarn, knitted and woven items, breeding stock, spinners flock and 4H animals.

Introducing Pawsitive Plantation Hairy Potter,  our herd sire.